Ce site a permis de présenter le projet du Everything Marathon, qui a eu lieu en juillet 2008.
Les visiteurs pouvaient voter pour les jeux qu'ils désiraient voir, l'événement ayant été ensuite diffusé en direct sur plusieurs jours.
L'adresse du site a été diffusée un peu partout, permettant d'atteindre un total d'environ 200 votants. Le site a également été traduit en anglais pour augmenter son audience.


Welcome to the Everything Marathon!

What is this thing, you may ask? It's simple. You may have seen video games marathon before: a Super Mario Marathon happened just recently, and there's even a Final Fantasy Marathon right now!

The Everything Marathon works the same way: we intend to play, non-stop, and try to finish the maximum of games possible. However, we're not going to focus on a particular serie of games. Instead, we will ask YOU to tell us what you would want to see us play. It's pretty easy to do: read the FAQ first if you're unsure, then head to the voting page. Add the games you want, vote for those already there, and at the end of the voting period, we'll play the games that got the most votes.

However, since we're not collecting donations, the number of games we'll play will depend on how much people vote. Take a look at the table below to see how much voters there are, and how much games that means we'll do. If you want to see more games, well, it's simple: vote, tell your friends, spread the word!

Voting will end on July 24 at 10pm GMT+2 (that's 4pm EDT, 9pm GMT+1).
The stream will be launched (or rather, we'll try to be ready) on July 25 at 2pm GMT+2 (8am EDT, 1pm GMT+1).

The marathon is now over!

Thanks to all our viewers, especially those who participated to the marathon with us using the chat!

We're not sure we'll do it again one day, but nothing is decided. We'll see! In any case, we want to thank again those who followed us during the majority of the marahton. So...thanks!

Below is a list of games we played during the marathon. We were able to finish the six games chosen by you, and do some bonus stages. We didn't finish some games in one sitting, because doing a pause once in a while can be nice, that's why some of them appear multiple times.

See you next time...Maybe!

TitleFrom (GMT+2)To
GoldenEye 007 25/07 14:00 25/07 17:00
Streets of Rage 25/07 17:00 25/07 17:45
GoldenEye 007 (end) 25/07 17:45 25/07 19:30
Worms 2 (Bonus stage) 25/07 19:30 25/07 20:00
Paper Mario 2 25/07 20:00 26/07 0:00
Kirby 64 26/07 0:00 26/07 5:30
Super Mario World (Bonus stage) 26/07 5:30 26/07 6:15
Paper Mario 2 (continued) 26/07 6:15 26/07 20:00
1 vs. 100 (Bonus stage) 26/07 20:00 26/07 22:00
Paper Mario 2 (end) 26/07 22:00 27/07 0:40
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 27/07 0:40 27/07 18:50
Shenmue 27/07 18:50 28/07 8:00

Total playtime for each game:

GoldenEye 007 4:45
Streets of Rage 0:45
Paper Mario 2 20:25
Kirby 64 5:30
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 18:10
Shenmue 13:10